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National Interpreting Service hires the most skilled and qualified ASL interpreters.

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Why work with National Interpreting Service?

Make a Difference in the field. Every day.

Our agency specializes in on-site sign language interpreting. As one of our interpreters, you will be dispatched to various facilities and provide direct services.

This agency cares about ethics, quality of service, and respect for all clients, consumers and interpreters. Together we can ensure positive interactions for everyone.

As a service provider with our agency, you will be proud of the team you work with, and the standards we uphold.

Staff Interpreters

We offer the best in Healthcare Interpreter Training.

Every National Interpreting Service interpreter has the opportunity to participate in our Oregon Health Authority-approved program which qualifies you towards Oregon certification and additional CEUs.

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Every interpreter should have or expect to pass the following

Interested in Medical Assignments? Expect to complete the following.

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