Patient-centered ASL Interpreting

Since 1989 we have worked with countless medical providers to accommodate Deaf patient communication needs.

We're a niche agency with a big role.

We work to ensure that communication is clear and effective, so health care can have more positive outcomes.

Our interpreters are extremely familiar with the hospitals, surgery centers, clinics and treatment facilities we work with. We have an excellent rapport with the physicians, staff, and patients we serve. We are proud of the services we offer. Our office and interpreters are local, and we’re always on standby for emergency and on-call services.

Providers and Patients Agree

Our ASL Interpreters are the best in the business.

Smooth communication means effective doctor-patient exchanges and shorter appointments.

Clear communication means greater patient satisfaction and positive outcomes.

Quality communication means a more positive perception of the healthcare provider.

We work with all healthcare providers.

For scheduled appointments or on call emergencies, we're always there.

Sign language interpreters are necessary for most healthcare appointments. According to the RID Standard Practice Paper “Interpreting in Health Care Settings”, the situations that a sign language interpreter is required for medically necessary communication includes (but is not limited to): Taking a patient’s medical history, giving diagnoses, performing medical procedures, explaining treatment planning, explaining medicine prescription and regimen, providing patient education or counseling, describing discharge and follow up plans, admitting to emergency departments/urgent care.

National Interpreting Service helps you comply with your communication accessibility goals.

Title III of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to all private healthcare providers, regardless of the size of the office or the number of employees. This law applies to providers of both physical and mental health care. We understand how important compliance is in your industry and we therefore put risk management systems in place so that we can help you meet your goals. We help you meet HIPAA Compliance through stringent screening and confidentiality systems.

Why Hire Us? Our Interpreters Have The Highest Standards

NIS carefully matches the interpreter with the patient and provider for more positive patient experiences.

All of our interpreters undergo advanced training in medical terminology with coursework in anatomy and physiology, medical specialties, healthcare practices, diagnostic procedures & testing, and pathology & treatment. As licensed trainers of an Oregon Health Authority approved interpreter training program, we deeply understand and appreciate the professionalism and skill required to work alongside top healthcare providers.

Every one of our Interpreters holds a current RID certification and adheres to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct in addition to healthcare provider-specific requirements.

All of our Interpreters undergo the following before they are able to provide medical interpreting services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Legal precedence shows that ASL interpreters should be provided in the majority of medical situations involving a deaf person. It is not simply enough to hire an interpreter if communication is not effective. Working with a qualified and certified interpreter ensures that communication access needs are covered.

Contact us through phone or email and we’ll take you through our intake process and provide a quote of rates for our services. Once set up, scheduling an interpreter is as simple as giving us a call or emailing our office at

We work with many medical providers and networks with a centralized billing office. We’ll set up each individual location or practitioner with it’s own billing code, so requests can be made through those offices with billing going to your accounting department. We’ll work with you to set up a customized scheduling and invoicing workflow that works for you.

Yes! Our interpreters are literally the most credentialed interpreters you will find. We work with only the best and most talented interpreters who carry all necessary credentials and pass a battery of health screenings. Our interpreters are all nationally certified! When you hire an interpreter from National Interpreting Service, you can feel secure in knowing that you’re working with the right providers.

Yes! We’re available 24/7/365. As long as there is a need for interpreting services, we are ready to provide it. Our relationships with healthcare providers include overnight on call services. Our team is ready when a medical emergency occurs.
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