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We provide quality interpreters that are the best fit for your specific business, organization or event.

Conventions & Events

Trust our Team for your Conference or Event

National Interpreting Service provides skilled interpreters for conferences and conventions. Our interpreters are ideal for workshops, expositions, performances, keynote presentations and more. If you want to provide accessibility at your event – whether it is one day or multiple weeks, we’ve got you covered. Our experience allows us to provide multiple options for setup of interpreting teams to cover every event.

For your event, National Interpreting Service has the experience needed to coordinate difficult schedules and large format plans that include participation of any number of certified sign language interpreters you may need.

Civic & Government

Set the standard with communication access.

National Interpreting Service has extensive experience in providing interpreters for a broad range of civic and government services on a local, state and national level. We qualify as vendors and our interpreters high standards and credentials are ideal for meetings, events and services supported by the public.

National Interpreting Service adheres to and is in compliance with all state, county, and federal contract mandates. We are committed to working with the employer/employee in assigning an interpreter that is the best match in terms of technical expertise, attitude, subject matter, and dedication to the consumer’s needs. All assigned interpreters must adhere to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. All of the interpreters who work for NIS have been through a thorough criminal history background check.

If you want to set an example to the public for what quality communication access should be, work with National Interpreting Service. 


Finance & Insurance

Maintain your credibility with quality ASL interpreters.

National Interpreting Service has a team of interpreters who have additional training in situations that relate to Finance and Insurance. We recognize the important value that clear communication delivers when discussing complex matters. Introducing an experienced interpreter can make the difference in clearly understand the content of your meeting.

A qualified sign language interpreter should always be used in any discussion regarding contracts, loans, assignment of monies, or accounts if one of the participants is Deaf or hard of hearing.

We send interpreters specially trained in the vocabulary and concepts necessary for insurance and financial settings. These settings include discussions regarding retirement accounts, banking, mutual funds and investing, long term care insurance, health insurance, property and casualty insurance.

Founder Cynthia Anderson, director of National Interpreting Service, is a former holder of Series 6 & 63 insurance licenses and retains an extensive knowledge-base of these topics. NIS interpreters benefit from mentoring by Cynthia in the insurance and financial industry as related to interpreting – and they utilize this training to offer a unique capability for Finance and Insurance companies.

Legal & Proceedings

When experience and credentials truly matter.

National Interpreting Service has a small team of interpreters with additional training for legal settings. We offer interpreters with RID SC:L on a limited basis.

Our general legal interpreting services include attorney client meetings, mediations, depositions, jail sites, and more. We also support police interrogations, police and legal interviews and investigations when a qualified interpreter is available.


Quality interpreters for the classrooms.

National Interpreting Service recognizes the critical role that educational interpreters play in facilitating and improving communication between Deaf students and others, including teachers and service providers within the academic environment. Communication access gives students the ability to mainstream into general education classes as well as actively participate in school programs and athletics. We provide this critical communication link to learning, which is vitally important as it allows the student to participate more fully in their educational experience. Educational interpreting can occur in a variety of ways in addition to the classroom, including athletic competitions, field trips, club meetings and for stage events.

We provide excellent quality and service you can depend on. We offer sign language interpreters who have specialized skills and the credentials that qualify them for academic interpreting. Please contact us to further discuss the needs of your facility.

Federal laws about equal inclusion must be followed, by requiring a certified or qualified interpreter as needed. Our agency can help you fulfill your requirements.

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